This section is to enable all of us to provide our own thoughts and experiences about the effect of MS on our lives - and those of our family, carers, friends and people whose lives we touch.

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My MS Journey

My steps are unsteady and my progress is slow,

my journey a struggle wherever I go.

I often will stumble and I sometimes may fall,

if you feel you must help then please answer my call.

If I stumble you may catch me, if I fall help me up.

But please ........ don't ever stop me trying.


 Andrew Blacker



 This year we have sadly lost two members of our  MS Family.


 Ray drove the transport for SHIMS regularly. He was well liked by all and

gave to the SHIMS family tirelessly. He carried on supporting SHIMS, even

when he was unwell and in more pain than the members he was helping.

With Maureen, the end of night raffle was transformed into an event  well

worth waiting for. I am sure that he would be happy to see that we have

carried on in the same way!



Sue has lost a good man.

As one of the founder members of SHIMS, Sue has had the

support of her husband throughout the trials of MS for many years,

and Tony has given time throughout. His efforts in the 

"Bobby on a bike" ride across America can never be taken away, as well as ensuring

that Sue was always at SHIMS, and there to pick her up afterwards.

We will support Sue throughout this painful time.

Hard Times ....


At a recent visit to the GP, one of our members asked about a change of medication.




SHIMS has evolved significantly in the last two years.

We now have e-mail, website and Facebook.

We are registered with HMRC for tax exemption and benefits.

A 'Just Giving' account is going to be set up.

Information Flyers have been designed, printed and distributed.

Additional members are beginning to come along as knowledge of SHIMS spreads further.

The loss of the transport last year has led to finding a relationship with Travelsafe Ltd, who provide an adapted taxi service which is well liked by the group and is well run..

In effect, we have joined the 21st century!


Andy Blacker 05/06/2015


How do you answer the question "How are you feeling today"?

"Well, I've got MS, my body isn't working properly, I'm tired, I ache, it is too hot, I can feel my nerves fizzing , my balance is bad etc, etc.

BUT..... "I feel great, I've got a great family and group of friends. I can laugh at my weaknesses, and share my worries with my MS family.

I am getting older and falling to bits, but I would do that anyway, with or without MS.

I can share my life story and give support to other people.

I am proud of what I have achieved despite MS, and the big things that I have done because of MS.

Yes, I FEEL GREAT ....thank you for asking".

                       Andy Blacker - July 2015

Thought I'd just share a few words.....

Be Positive

MS sufferers, are all put in the same box, but our MS is as individual as a fingerprint.

Each of us have our own hurdles - to conquer every day, whether it's physical, emotional or fighting demons in our heads.

Focus on what you can do - rather than what you can't. If you get angry with yourself - stop and take a moment, that's just going to increase and worsen your symptoms. Keep calm, take a deep breath - and give yourself more time.

Of course your life - is ever more complicated, but MS, is only one part of who you are.

A positive mindset - can help you through your personal journey- relax, smile and don't let the MS win.

By Karen Knights An MS sufferer


Charity may begin at home, but this weekend has proved that there is quite a lot among M&S customers as well.

Collections and donations are an integral part of running a charity, particularly when you subsidise all of the services provided.

Andy Blacker - August 2015


I have Multiple Sclerosis and live in Ipswich. I've written a poem about this very abnormal time we find ourselves in. I hope you enjoy it Thank you.


By Karen Knights


Isolation can be a very distant, and often lonely time


But for me, it gives me a chance to make creative writing in rhyme


I find this helps, to stop thinking about what's really going on


We'll never take anything for granted ever again, now our normalities have gone


It teaches us to reach out, to talk, to help others and to use modern technology


Even when it all goes wrong and we laugh at the apology


To virtully see family and friends, to hear familliar sounds


Listen and take everything in, with jolly leaps and bounds


To sit in the garden, watching the blue sky with wispy clouds floating on by


With no plane trails to see, or any traffic noise, just birds singing on a high


It's very tranquil and good for one's wellbeing, it stops you from being sad and low


I know it's not much, but this crazy time will, I hope, eventually go


Not sure when or how, but look optomistic, the glass is half full


There's a rope dangling down to help, all you have to do is pull


Climb up it and look towards the end of the rainbow, there will be happier times ahead


Some clouds have a silver lining, just you wait and see, in time this will all have fled


The NHS and other key workers, engage relentlessly to keep us safe and well


So stay at home, look after yourself through this dark and evil spell


We owe them so very much, more than a thumbs up or clap,


For now though, we can only smile, wave, show pictures of rainbows and tilt of a cap