Who are we and what do we do?

SHIMS is a local Charity - a self-help support group for people who have Multiple Sclerosis living in the Ipswich area.

Weekly meetings are held with Physiotherapy, Relaxation class and Therapy session provided. This is also an opportunity for meeting and discussing issues with other members of the group - our MS Family.


Where and when do we meet?

Heath Road Hospital Ipswich, Physiotherapy Department (Entrance 5)
Every Tuesday 18:30hrs - 20:30hrs

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Your personal data - name address and telephone number are required solely for the legitimate purpose of maintaining membership records for renewal contact, and occasionally for welfare purposes. Periodic reviews will be undertaken to ensure the records kept are still relevant.

No personal data will be sold to any other organisation.

Coronavirus Update

The activities of SHIMS at Ipswich Hospital have been suspended for the time being.


Pre-planned fundraising activities have also been suspended for the time being.


It is not anticipated that this state of affairs will remain in force indefinitely.